Elevate your living space with Luxura Home’s exclusive collection of luxury coffee tables, where bespoke elegance meets unparalleled design. Each piece in our selection is a testament to high-end craftsmanship, offering unique designs that seamlessly blend functionality with sophistication. Our coffee tables are custom-crafted to suit your individual style and space, ensuring a perfect match for any interior. From striking modern aesthetics to timeless classics, the versatility and quality of our collection cater to the most discerning tastes, promising to add a touch of luxury and exclusivity to your home. Made with only the finest materials, Luxura’s coffee tables are not just furniture, but statement pieces that elevate the entire room. Explore our range to discover the ultimate in luxury, high-end coffee tables, designed to transform your living area into a showcase of elegance and style.

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  • Numerical Coffee Table
  • 5 Piece Black And Gold Coffee Table Nest
  • Black Frame and Tinted Glass Round Coffee Table 80cm
  • Brass Gold Coffee Table With Marble Shelf
  • Marble Coffee Table Nest Chrome
  • Marble Coffee Table Nest of 2
  • Marble Coffee Table Nest With Brushed Gold Frame
  • Petal Marble Coffee Table
  • Alvaro Coffee Table
  • Nolana Silver Coffee Table
  • Gold Spike Coffee Table
  • Large Spike Coffee Table